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Cărucior mobil SLP-250R-2×500-2K

Cărucior mobil fix SLP-250R-2×500-2K

The presented product is a shelf trolley, double column, tubular – SLP-250R-500-2K The structure is made of steel profiles and tubes precisely cut using laser technology. It guarantees repeatability of dimensions of all construction elements. In our trolleys we use wheels with load capacity of 200 kg each. The wheels are made of high quality thermoplastic polyurethane – quiet, low rolling and turning resistance, they do not damage the ground, very resistant to abrasion. Thanks to the choice of these wheels, even under load the trolley can easily be set in motion and driven to a new location. For stability during loading and unloading, two wheels with swivel and swivel lock function. Thanks to the modular construction of our trolleys, you can easily convert the trolleys on offer into a scissor version or upgrade them to a 3 or 4-column version. Our trolleys are characterised by a stable and strong construction and high aesthetics.

Specificații Cărucior mobil fix SLP-250R-2×500-2K

Number of horizontal shelves: 15 szt.
Number of rubber-coated shelves: 14 szt.
Spacing between shelves: 100 mm
Depth of each shelf: 500 mm
Width of trolley: 600 mm – 4450 mm
Depth of trolley: 645 mm
Height of trolley with wheels: 1990 mm
Load capacity of trolley: 500 kg

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