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Presă PSK 4000

Carpentry press designed for gluing wood in form of furniture tops, stair steps or window sills. Suits perfect in a little bit smaller carpentry workshops

This press is designed for gluing wood for construction carpentry like stair steps, furniture tops, window sills or doors. The press in standard configuration has a loading area with 8 screw clamps. Clamps are mounted on bearings, by this solution clamps can slide freely along the frame. Lower grip and upper preassure of clamp with possibility of chaning its position every 75mm. Press is equipped with 3 front clamps, leveling the glued surface. This model has also side screw preassure used for gluing frames. Precision of execution of all components thanks to the use of laser cutting technology. The press has been painted with the powder coating method, which has a positive effect on its mechanical resistance.

Specificații presă PSK 4000

Maximum lenght of glued elements: 4000 mm
Loading field of glued elements: 1280 mm
Maximum thickness of glued elements: 20 – 80 mm
Screw clamping sections: 3 pc.
Screw-type alignment clamps: 8 pc.

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